We begin with the end in mind

Stephen Covey

The Canadian Center for Global Professional (CCGP) is a fledgling not-for-profit, membership-based organization whose purpose is to improve the job prospects of immigrants. The policy and intent of the CCGP is to coordinate efforts to address the wasteful and socially damaging issues of under-employment, under-utilization, and under-appreciation of immigrant professionals residing in Canada as well as others who will come in the near future.

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Vision Statement

Highly qualified new Canadian professionals are fully utilizing their knowledge, skills and experience for the benefit of all Canadians.

Mission Statement

The mission of CCGP is to create a unique win-win environment for Canadian government, private industries, local communities, and highly qualified skilled Canadians with global experiences and expertise. Highly skilled and experienced professionals would create jobs for themselves; government would use these successes to prove the value of immigrating skilled professionals into Canada. As a result, private industry, local communities and Canada in general would be benefited.

Business Planning

  • the unutilized and underutilize (U3) skills and knowledge
  • Dedicating integration into Canadian society
  • Innovative professionals practices and strategic alliances with public and private organizations.